Mission #5 – Backyard “Command Center” Obstacle Course for Kids!

Mission Objective – To collect the most mission cards at the end of the mission.

Obstacle Course for Kids Keeps Army Kids Happy
Calling all Army Kids! Are you ready for the next big mission?

Calling all Army Kids!  Mission #5 is here and it is a real obstacle course challenge.  Divide the group into two teams.  Each team will have a home base.  In an area that is equidistant from both bases, will be the command center.  At the command center will be Mission Cards (exercises written on notecards or paper) that have tasks on them that will need to be completed.

Each team will take turns sending a soldier to race to the Command Center and grab a Mission Card.  That soldier completes whatever task is on the card and runs back to the home base, remembering to take the card with.  When he/she taps the next soldier on the back, then the second soldier repeats the same process. When all of the Mission Cards are gone from the Command Center, the mission is complete.  The team with the most cards wins!

Obstacle Course for Kids Makes Kids Smile
They’ll all be smiling before, during, and after they complete this Backyard Obstacle Course for Kids.

Here’s how to create your own Obstacle Course for Kids:

  • Mark two home bases and a Mission Command Center.
  • On notecards or paper, write down various Missions.  These can be anything from exercises (10 jumping jacks), to tasks (say the alphabet backwards), to funny skits (run around the yard like a chicken).  Create as many mission cards as you’d like to for the group and use as many different tasks and ideas as you can think of.  (See below for a list of mission ideas)
  • Put all the mission cards in a bucket or bowl in the center of the command center so that they can be chosen randomly (no picking and choosing amongst mission cards!)
  • Divide into two teams and get started!

To complete the military theme, let your soldiers get into the spirit of the mission by donning their military gear.  A Four Pocket BDU Army Shirt for Kids, matching Six Pocket BDU Army Pants for Kids, and an authentic Army Helmet for kids will turn them into battle-ready soldiers!

Authentic Army Helmet for Kids
An authentic Army Helmet for Kids will turn them into battle-ready soldiers!

Backyard Command Center Obstacle Course for Kids Mission Ideas:

  • 10 or more of exercises including: lunges, squats, pushups, burpees, jumping jacks, sit-ups, or pull-ups
  • run around the house, the yard, or the block
  • sing a song, recite a poem, or read something aloud
  • run around the yard like an animal (chicken, horse, crab, bear, elephant, etc.)
  • list 10 of anything (10 different flowers, states, people, etc.)

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