Erupt Your Own Giant Soda Geyser – At Home Science Experiment for Kids

This fun science experiment for kids is easy, exciting, and brings “oohs” and “aahs” from everyone around.   It’s easy to do – just drop the mentos into the bottle of soda and watch the eruption!  This experiment is as exciting as Fourth of July fireworks with the added benefit of a mini science lesson.

Soda Geyser Tube At Home Science Experiments for Kids
Think how much fun they’ll have erupting a bottle of soda!

What exactly will your kids learn from this dramatic experiment? They’ll learn that a chemical reaction occurs when two substances combine to form a new substance.   If you explain this concept to them before the experiment, they will see with their own eyes this simple and amazing transformation.   In this case, the demonstration will be the most valuable part of the lesson.

You will need:

One 2-liter bottle of diet soda
One package of Mentos mint candy
One empty toilet paper roll

Step 1:  Slice the toilet paper roll lengthwise so that it fits into mouth of the soda bottle.  This creates a tube that will allow you to drop the entire package of Mentos into the bottle at one time.

Step 2:  Slide all of the Mentos through the soda tube – and RUN!  In an instant, the chemical reaction will begin to take place between the candy and the soda, and your soda bottle will shoot a geyser into the air up to 25 feet high!

TIPS:  Do this kids science experiment outside – otherwise, your house will never be the same again!  Also, you can use regular soda, but diet soda works a little better and doesn’t leave a sticky mess behind.

To make this experiment go off without a hitch, pick up the Geyser Tube kit.  It contains a package of mentos and a special tube that makes quick work of adding the mentos to the soda.  (No cutting toilet paper rolls here!)  At under six dollars, it’s a good deal because the tube can be used over and over again.

At home science experiments like this one are not only exciting for your kids, they can help to foster a life long love of science.   JM Cremps carries many home science experiments kits for kids of all ages.  Our Gravity Goo Science Experiments for Kids kit allows them to create a special goo that will defy gravity right before their very eyes.  If launching rockets is more in line with your child’s way of thinking, then the Pop Top Rockets Kit will really intrigue them.  If engines and electronics are more popular at your house, then the “Build Your Own Internal Combustion Engine” Kit is a great tool for your youngsters to learn the basics of a modern engine.   The kit contains everything they’ll need to build a complete working engine and includes detailed instructions for every step of the process.


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