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Calling all kids ages 3 to 99!  We’ve finally got a catalog just for you!  It’s loaded with fun, adventure, and gear that will keep the whole family happy AND busy.

Adventure for Boys Catalog
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JM Cremps is proud to bring families together.  In this time of constant electronic interruptions, video games, and social media, it is easy for families to drift apart.  Our selection of hands-on, adventure-oriented toys, games, and activities are meant to free the family from distractions and stimulate learning.  Many of our activities, such as woodworking kits and whittling projects, have been a preferred past-time for hundreds of years, and they are a great way to bridge the gap between generations.  Imagine the memories you’ll create if grandpa spends an hour or two teaching the youngsters the basics of whittling.

Sign up for our Adventure catalog today.  It will arrive in your mailbox loaded with fun and games.   If you include your email address when you sign up, we’ll send you our latest specials, coupons, and product updates.  (Rest assured that your privacy is important to us.  We will NEVER share, sell, or rent your email information.)


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