The Origin of Snowshoeing – Sherpa Snowshoe Kit Product Review

Over 4,000 years ago in places around the world like North America, Europe, & Asia, people began using snowshoes because of a basic need to explore new places and find food during the winter.  Over the years the sport evolved into mainly a recreational activity.  Now, it’s become a beloved winter pastime for those living in northern climates.  And no wonder!  Those trails you walked during the summer and fall are transformed into something entirely different when covered in inches of snow.  You’re able to walk in a winter wonderland without the struggle of trudging through tons of snow.

Traditional snowshoe maker, c. 1900-1930.
Traditional snowshoe maker, c. 1900-1930.

The Origin of Snowshoeing - Sherpa Snowshoe Kit Product Review

The Sherpa Snowshoe Kit you can find at JM Cremps is designed to exceed any recreational snowshoer’s expectations by having absolutely everything you need all in one convenient pack!

In this day and age it seems to be so difficult to find a product of good and lasting quality.  Luckily JM Cremps is committed to bringing you high-quality products, and the Sherpa Snowshoe Kit is no exception!  Our Quik Clik II™ ratcheting binding makes these snowshoes effortless to put on and take off.  Shock absorbing poles will assist you on your adventure. The ultra durable HDPE decking ensures that this shoe is one to last and be passed down for years of hassle-free snowshoeing.  All the features of this snowshoe are great, but the real surprise is getting such a well-built, lightweight shoe at such a great price!

Sherpa Snowshoe Kit
Sherpa Snowshoe Kit – Available at

This kit is perfect for beginners AND beyond.  Get rid of that cabin fever and get outside!  Winter has never been this enjoyable.

If you’d like to purchase a Sherpa Snowshoe kit, visit  Don’t forget to check out our other winter adventures as well!


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