Mission #5 – Backyard “Command Center” Obstacle Course for Kids!

Mission Objective – To collect the most mission cards at the end of the mission.

Obstacle Course for Kids Keeps Army Kids Happy
Calling all Army Kids! Are you ready for the next big mission?

Calling all Army Kids!  Mission #5 is here and it is a real obstacle course challenge.  Divide the group into two teams.  Each team will have a home base.  In an area that is equidistant from both bases, will be the command center.  At the command center will be Mission Cards (exercises written on notecards or paper) that have tasks on them that will need to be completed.

Each team will take turns sending a soldier to race to the Command Center and grab a Mission Card.  That soldier completes whatever task is on the card and runs back to the home base, remembering to take the card with.  When he/she taps the next soldier on the back, then the second soldier repeats the same process. When all of the Mission Cards are gone from the Command Center, the mission is complete.  The team with the most cards wins!

Obstacle Course for Kids Makes Kids Smile
They’ll all be smiling before, during, and after they complete this Backyard Obstacle Course for Kids.

Here’s how to create your own Obstacle Course for Kids:

  • Mark two home bases and a Mission Command Center.
  • On notecards or paper, write down various Missions.  These can be anything from exercises (10 jumping jacks), to tasks (say the alphabet backwards), to funny skits (run around the yard like a chicken).  Create as many mission cards as you’d like to for the group and use as many different tasks and ideas as you can think of.  (See below for a list of mission ideas)
  • Put all the mission cards in a bucket or bowl in the center of the command center so that they can be chosen randomly (no picking and choosing amongst mission cards!)
  • Divide into two teams and get started!

To complete the military theme, let your soldiers get into the spirit of the mission by donning their military gear.  A Four Pocket BDU Army Shirt for Kids, matching Six Pocket BDU Army Pants for Kids, and an authentic Army Helmet for kids will turn them into battle-ready soldiers!

Authentic Army Helmet for Kids
An authentic Army Helmet for Kids will turn them into battle-ready soldiers!

Backyard Command Center Obstacle Course for Kids Mission Ideas:

  • 10 or more of exercises including: lunges, squats, pushups, burpees, jumping jacks, sit-ups, or pull-ups
  • run around the house, the yard, or the block
  • sing a song, recite a poem, or read something aloud
  • run around the yard like an animal (chicken, horse, crab, bear, elephant, etc.)
  • list 10 of anything (10 different flowers, states, people, etc.)

Summer Fun – Obstacle Course for Kids

Obstacle Course for Kids -Summer Adventures
A backyard obstacle course is a perfect way to keep your adventurous boys happy!

School is out, summer is here, and the Fourth of July is just around the corner.  This is the time of the year where fun and games are all your kids have on their mind. To keep things interesting and to prevent mid-summer doldrums, why not help your kids create a challenging backyard obstacle course.  It’s a great way to keep them both occupied and satisfied.  Plus, it’s the perfect afternoon entertainment for family bar-b-ques, birthday parties, and those fun Fourth of July gatherings.

To create an obstacle course that will keep your kids happy for hours, be sure to choose obstacles that draw on different skills.  For example, create a course that includes obstacles that gives them the opportunity to rely on their balance, speed, agility, strength, daring, or even their wits.  Using a variety of activities guarantees that your obstacle course will be a memory-making hit.

Here are some ideas you can use for obstacles.  Mix and match these, create your own, or change them up to suit your child’s age and abilities.  Include your child and their friends in the creation of the course, and they’ll really love it!


  • Do X number of jumping jacks on a designated spot.  (Pick a number appropriate for their age.)
  • Hop through a hopscotch board drawn on the sidewalk.
  • Jump Over Obstacle:  Arrange boards, towels, or anything you have on the grass for them to jump over.


  • Crawl under lawn chairs, lawn furniture, or outdoor tunnels.
  • Belly crawl over a tarp that has a small sprinkler on it.
  • Special Delivery Obstacle:  At the beginning of this obstacle, have them pick up a carrot from a bowl with their teeth and crawl to the receiving bowl (placed wherever you’d like) and drop the carrot in.


  • Walk The Tightrope:  Stretch out the garden hose and have them walk across it.
  • Walk with an egg balanced on a spoon from point A to point B.
  • Balance one, two, or three flat objects on their heads. Books, plastic plates, or Frisbees work great.


  • Solve a riddle
  • Recite a poem
  • Recite the alphabet backwards.


  • Run or crawl through a wading pool.
  • Throw water balloons at a target.  (This target can be a person for an extra twist of fun!)
  • Using a squirt gun, shoot at a target.  (A tab of alka seltzer on a plate a short distance away works great for this obstacle as the alka seltzer dissolves and fizzes.  They are allowed to move on when they’ve dissolved the alka seltzer tab.)


  • Weave your way through a plastic cone course (Use plastic cups for this if you don’t have cones.)
  • Follow a crazily drawn chalk line that weaves down the sidewalk or driveway.
  • Weave through balloons strung from tree branches that are at their head-height.


  • Take a lap around the block on a bicycle.
  • Sprint through the yard or around the house.
  • Walk backwards from one end of the yard to the other.

As you can see, these ideas are great starting points for you to choose from to build an awesome obstacle course.  When kids get involved in the planning, then the creativity really starts to flow!  If you really want to have fun and outfit the kids with some fun water balloon launchers, squirt guns, or other outdoor toys, check out our website at www.jmcremps.com.  We carry a full selection of toys, gear, and games to make summer adventures extra special.

Mission #2 – Backyard “Boot Camp” Obstacle Course for Kids!

Mission Objective:  Race through the course with the fastest time.

Obstacle Course for Kids is a good ideas for kids games to play for army kids
Come on Army Kids! Don that uniform and beat the backyard “Boot Camp” Obstacle Course!

Mission Intel:  Hey Army Kids! Mission #2 is a perfect way to add some excitement to your day and keep your military skills finely honed. Round up your friends, put on your favorite army uniform, and have FUN!

Building your own “Boot Camp” obstacle course for kids can be very easy. You can use many of the things you have at home. First, gather your materials, and then separate them into stations throughout the yard. Pick a starting point and a finish line, and you’re all set!

Step #1 – Build your custom obstacle course for kids.

Here’s some of the “stations” you can include in your special “Boot Camp” obstacle course for kids:

1. Jungle War-fare Rope Challenge – Hang a thick rope from a sturdy tree branch. Place a kiddie pool underneath the rope. There are two ways you can approach this challenge. A) Try to swing over the pool without getting wet or falling off. B) For a tougher challenge, tie a flag around the branch near the top of the rope. Jump onto the rope and climb the rope to the top to touch the flag – without falling in the pool!

2.  Four Star Ladder Drill – Place a tall ladder flat on the ground. The objective is to run across the ladder as quickly as you can while placing your feet on the ground in the space between each rung. This duplicates the tire run that is included in the Army’s training courses, and it improves every soldier’s coordination and speed.

3.  The Landmine Field – Fill several buckets or pails with water. Place them a couple of feet apart in a staggered pattern. The objective is to weave in and out of them as you run through the course WITHOUT knocking any of them over. This simulates running through a minefield – one misstep and you’ll suffer the consequences!

4.  Tunnel Rat Challenge – Gather together as many large boxes as you can. Fold the tops and bottoms of each box down into themselves so the sides of the boxes are sturdy and strong, and the tops and bottoms are open. This will create your tunnel. (You can often get large boxes from appliance stores, department stores, or recycling facilities.) Then connect them end-to-end to create a tunnel. For even MORE fun arrange each box a foot or two apart. This extends your overall tunnel challenge length and gives you the opportunity to add corners and turns. To be creative, paint camouflage on the outside of the boxes.

5.  Water Gun Sniper Training – Blow up three to seven balloons and, using differing lengths of string, suspend them from a clothesline or a tree branch. These will become your targets. Fill one or more water guns with water, and lay them on the ground 5 to 10 feet from the targets. When you reach this station, pick up a gun, and hit as many targets as possible before you run out of ammo.

6.  Over-Under Infantry Run – Position several sawhorses or picnic benches a few feet apart. As you run through this section of the course, you need to hop over the first one, go under the second, hop over the third, and so on.

Step #2 – Time each person’s run through the course.

Authentic Military Medal as a reward for completing the Obstacle Course for Kids
What better way to reward each finisher than with an authentic military medal?

The fastest person through the course is the winner! For extra fun reward each finisher with an authentic Military Medal.

This mission is fun for the whole family, and can turn an ordinary summer day into a day to remember. Build this course for family gatherings, birthday parties, and backyard bar-b-ques.  An obstacle course such as this is also a wonderful way to get your kids exercising.  Homeschool families find obstacle courses to be an excellent addition to their curriculum.  Besides, who ever said gym class has to take place in a gym?

If you really want to make this fun, JM Cremps carries some great army gear for kids that will really make this challenge complete.  This Cadet Watch will ensure accurate timing of the run through the obstacle course. It’s nylon band, camouflage color, and luminescent hands are durable, reliable, and really fun! For a real authentic experience, wear the same thing every Boot Camp Trainee has to wear. The Armed Forces Boot Camp T-Shirt and Camouflage Military Cargo Shorts will really make you feel like you’re in bootcamp!