Back Yard Zip Line Review

Home Zip Line and Zipline Kits Review
A home zip line can provide hours and hours of fun and adventure.

Are you looking for creative ways to get your kids away from their computer, ipod, and video games?  Get your kids up and moving with their own back yard zip line.  A home zip line can spark the imagination of your young Tarzan and open a world of adventure.  Best of all, they’ll be exercising more than just their thumbs.  They’ll get a whole body workout each and every run.  There are many zipline kits on the market, but we’ve settled on one favorite.  The Fun Ride Deluxe Home Zip Line is easy to install, lasts for years, and provides hours and hours of fun and adventure for boys, girls, moms, dads, and everyone in between!

Of all the zipline kits available, why do we like this one so much?  Well, the 70ft Cable is the perfect length for most backyards.  The 250lb. weight limit can handle most kids and adults.  The instructions are easy to follow, and set up is fairly painless. This home zip line has been used and tested by families in every type of climate, with positive results.   At under $100, the price is right, which makes this a perfect gift for the whole family – and all their friends too!

This Back Yard Zip Line also comes in a junior version for younger children (The Original Fun Ride Zip Line) and a longer version (The Super Z Fun Ride Backyard Zip Line) that comes with a 90ft cable for an extra long, extra thrilling ride.  Each one is just as easy to install.  All you need to do is pick the one that’s right for your family, and get zipping!  (Check out our complete line of home zip line and zipline kits.)

The Fun Ride Deluxe Back Yard Zip Line - Home Zip Line Product Review
The Fun Ride Deluxe Back Yard Zip Line

6 thoughts on “Back Yard Zip Line Review

  1. Our kids would love having this, and as parents we would love to get it for them. There is one minor problem. We live in Arizona where the trees are short and few and far between. What is the drop from beginning to end?

  2. Back Yard Zip Line is very much in now a days, Specially the children loves the Zip line as they have the ultimate fun during the same and possess a good amount of energy out of the same. This process is worth for the various teenagers to go across in order to built a good amount of strength and knowledgeable aspect as well.

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