Mother’s Day Coupons – a Special Project for Mom in 4 Easy Steps

Moms LOVE when their kids take a moment out of their day to do something nice for them.  Even if they just put their own plate in the dishwasher us mothers tend to get very excited.  Imagine how thrilled we’d be with a book of “Just for You Mom” Coupons?  It’s an easy project for the kids to do for Mom, Grandma or any special person in their life.  (Oh, if you’re a mom reading this, then maybe you should show this post to dad and say “hint hint”.)

Here’s how easy it is:

1.  Be creative about what the coupons are for. Some ideas include: free dish-washing, free hug, free laundry-doing, free kitchen clean-up, free massage, free hair styling, free gardening-for-an-afternoon, etc. You could also offer to cook certain meals for a specified time, or to bake treats.

Step 1 - How to Make Mother's Day Coupons


2.  Gather about 3-4 different paper colors. They can be white or colored (pink, yellow, purple, red, etc).  Cut them into equal sizes.

Step 2. How to Make Mother's Day Coupons


3.  Write out your coupons and decorate them.  You can color them, add glitter, stickers, or leave them plain if you’d like.

Step 3. How to Make Mother's Day Coupons

4.  Staple your coupons together in the form of a coupon book or place them in an envelope.  They are now ready to give to Mom, Grandma, or anyone you love!

Step 4. How to Make Mother's Day Coupons


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