Who Is Your Superhero?

Be a Superhero Today
Be a Superhero in your family. It is easier than you think!

Since 1995, April 28th has been celebrated as National Superhero Day.  Although at first, you may picture a popular fictional character, after some thoughtful consideration, you might realize that you are surrounded by real-life “superheroes” everyday.

Everyday Superheros include:

  • A mom who can patch up a boo-boo with a bandage and a kiss in 10 seconds flat.
  • A dad who takes his son camping on his only weekend off from work in months.
  • A librarian who introduces a child to a new series of books that ignites his imagination.
  • A group leader who helps teach honor, responsibility, and character to children and young adults.
  • A teacher who doesn’t give up on a struggling student.

The list goes on and on, and you probably have your own superheros who come to mind.  Don’t forget that superhero powers come in many forms, and what you do today will leave a lasting impression on those who surround you.  So give a big thanks to a superhero in your life, and then pass along that “power” by teaching your kids, friends, and family how they can be a superhero in their own way.


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