“At the Beach” Scavenger Hunt

Are you heading to the beach?  If so, take this printable scavenger hunt for kids with you to make a day at the beach extra fun.

Although a day at the lake or the beach is fun, sometimes kids can get a little restless.  That's when it is time to pull out the scavenger hunt and get them back on track.
Although a day at the lake or the beach is fun, sometimes kids can get a little restless. That’s when it is time to pull out the scavenger hunt and get them back on track.

Download your printable At the Beach Scavenger Hunt by clicking here:


_______ A minnow

_______ Snacks

_______ A snail

_______ A crab

_______ A piece of seaweed or sea grass

_______ A piece of driftwood

_______ A seagull

_______ A towel

_______ Sunscreen

_______ Lip balm

_______ Beach toys

_______  A sandcastle

_______  Animal tracks in the sand

_______  A beachball

_______  A beach umbrella

_______  A water bottle

_______ A seashell

_______ A bird feather

Easter Themed Scavenger Hunt

Round up the whole family for an Easter Themed Scavenger Hunt!
Round up the whole family for an Easter Themed Scavenger Hunt!

After the Easter Baskets are found and dinner is consumed, you may want to plan an activity to help burn off some of that excess sugar.  An Easter Themed Scavenger Hunt is the perfect way to get the kids focused on an activity that will get them moving and keep them occupied – at least for a little while!

Download your printable copy of the Easter Themed Scavenger Hunt here:

_______ Easter Basket

_______ Stuffed Animal

_______ Chocolate Egg

_______ Cross

_______ Easter Basket Grass

_______ Red Jelly Bean

_______ Easter Bunny

_______ Flower

_______ Lamb

_______ Plastic Easter Egg

_______ Real Easter Egg

_______ Easter Hat

_______ Baby Chick (Can be candy, toy or real)

_______ Easter Card

_______ Easter Decoration

_______ Chocolate Easter Bunny

Winter Scavenger Hunt for Kids

Winter Scavenger Hunt for Kids
Grab your list and get outside! See if you can find a rabbit such as this snowshoe hare. (Photo courtesy of wikipedia.org)

Winter is a great time to get outside and explore.  Although the world around you may look dormant and asleep, there is still a lot going on.  Download, print, and take your list outside to see how what you can find.  You’ll be surprised at what’s out there!

_______ 1 squirrel

_______ 1 tree with brown leaves

_______ 1 bird’s nest

_______ 1 pinecone

_______ 1 seed pod

_______ 1 pine needle branch

_______ 1 group of berries

_______ 1 acorn

_______ 1 icicle

_______ Any rabbit or squirrel tracks

_______ A deer

_______ A chickadee

_______ 1 shovel

_______ A snowball

Winter Scavenger Hunt for Kids

Creeping, Crawling, Slinking Bug Scavenger Hunt for Kids

Hot summer days can often be lazy summer days, and if you are not careful, they can turn into boring summer days.  Sometimes, we have to be a little creative and plan an activity, and adventure, or a fun game to get those kids up and moving.  Now that the novelty of “No School” has worn off, adventurous boys may migrate back into the house and towards their electronics.  A summer scavenger hunt for kids is a good way to get your boys out of the house on a nice summer day and away from their electronic devices.   Now if we make that scavenger hunt a “Creeping, Crawling, Slinking Bugs Galore!” Scavenger Hunt – they’ll rush out the door faster than you can say “BEETLE”!

There are a couple of ways you can approach this type of scavenger hunt, and it will depend on your child’s age and comfort level.  For the insects listed, your kids can check them off of the list in one of three ways:

  • Check It – After they see an insect, they can simply check if off of their list.  This way there is NO touching of any creepy-crawly creatures.
  • Snap It – When they find an insect on the list, they can snap a picture of it.  Again, this way involves no touching or capturing of insects.
  • Capture It – This way, your hunters can actually catch their prey temporarily, and release them after they take a moment to closely observe their find.  (If you’re boys are really into capturing bugs, see below for a simple guide to the best bug catching equipment for boys.)
NOTE:  Please advise your bug hunters to be wary of stinging insects.  We recommend that they do NOT try to catch bees, wasps, hornets, or any other venomous insect.  

Creeping, Crawling, Slinking Bugs Galore Scavenger Hunt

Download your printable Creepy Crawly Bug Scavenger Hunt List here.

Find an Ant in this bug scavenger hunt!
Keep them occupied by having them find creepy-crawly critters.

____________        A fly

____________        A mosquito

____________        A grasshopper

____________        A june bug

____________        A cricket

____________        An ant

____________        A butterfly

____________        A moth

____________        A black spider

____________        A brown, white, or tan spider

____________        An insect with two wings

____________        A caterpillar

____________        An insect with four wings

____________        A centipede

____________        A slug

____________        An earthworm

____________        A grub

____________        An insect with hair

____________        A beetle

____________        A ladybug

____________        An insect with bright colors (red, yellow, green, blue)

The Bug Book and Bug Bottle
The Bug Book and Bug Bottle is perfect for identifying, catching, and safely releasing bugs back into the wild.

JM Cremps has some of the best bug catchers and bug-catching equipment for kids.  Some of our favorites are the BugView Magnifier that allows your kids to get a close-up view of even the smallest of creatures.  It is easy to use, is kid friendly, and has 5X magnification.  Another favorite is a basic butterfly net.  It makes simple work of catching the insects that fly and will keep your troops occupied for hours!  Best of all, at less than $7, it makes the perfect birthday gift for any adventurous boy.

The Bug Book and Bug Bottle Bug Catcher is the perfect tool for your budding bug catchers.  The ingeniously designed plastic bottle is perfect for catching and viewing bugs and then releasing them unharmed.  It’s a bug catcher with a conscience!   The book that comes with the bottle has detailed information on 46 of the US’s most popular insects so your kids can easily identify their catch and learn to properly care for them.

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Geocaching is a Treasure Hunt for the Whole Family

Awww, who doesn't dream of finding buried treasure?
Who doesn’t dream of finding buried treasure?

“There comes a time in every rightly constructed boy’s life that he has a raging desire to go somewhere and dig for hidden treasure.” – Mark Twain

Who hasn’t dreamed of finding hidden treasure buried in the backyard? The words, “X marks the spot” is enough to get every child’s heart pumping.  Now that summer has started, the quest for adventure can begin! Treasure hunting and geocaching are the ultimate in fun activities for kids and are the perfect family activities.

Geocaching is one of the fastest growing activities, and its popularity is sweeping the planet.  If you haven’t tried it yet, then you’re in for a treat.  This real world, outdoor treasure hunt game requires a GPS-enabled device. All you have to do is navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates and then attempt to find the geocache container hidden at that location.  It’s that simple!

Because JM Cremps is devoted to bringing families closer together, we are happy to provide you with two-way radios for communicating with your fellow treasure hunters, a compass to point you in the right direction, and all other supplies to make your geocaching experience the perfect family outing.

Once you have the necessary equipment, the rest is easy.  Just visit the international geocaching database at http://www.geocaching.com.  Enter the zip code where you’d like to search for treasure.  You will then see a list of hidden geocaches and their coordinates.  Pick whichever one you’d like, enter the coordinates into your device, and get started!

If you haven’t got the equipment necessary for a full on geocache hunt, then why not try a good, old-fashioned scavenger hunt for kids.  We’ve got several good ones ready for you to print out and get started.  Best of all they are FREE!  Regardless of which activity you choose, we are happy to be a part of your next fun family activity!

Project for Kids – A Christmas Scavenger Hunt

A Christmas-themed Scavenger hunt is the perfect activity for family gatherings and holiday parties.  For family gatherings, it is fun to pair up the adults with the kids and see which team finishes first.  For kids parties, split the kids into teams and give them a time limit.  Whichever team gathers the most items within the time limit is the winner!

Christmas Scavenger Hunt for Kids
Do you think these two would make good partners for your Christmas Scavenger Hunt?

_______ 1 pine needle (real or artificial)

_______ 1 ornament hook

_______ 1 pinecone

_______ 1 piece of garland or tinsel

_______ 1 mistletoe leaf

_______ 1 holiday table decoration (a candle or figurine will work)

_______ 1 gift tag

_______ 1 red poinsettia flower

_______ 1 piece of holiday chocolate

_______ 1 piece of wrapping paper with a Christmas tree on it

_______ 1 piece of gift ribbon

_______ 1 Christmas cookie

_______ 1 package of dry hot cocoa mix

_______ 1 Christmas card

_______ 1 candy cane

_______ 1 jingle bell

Download your printable copy of Christmas Scavenger Hunt here.