What Can You Do With a Robotic Kit from JM Cremps? A lot more than you think!

At JM Cremps we carry a wide range of science kits and science experiments for kids.  Our kits range from Chemistry and Physics kits, to AM/FM radio kits, engineering kits, and even kits to build your own Robot.  We know that our science kits are pretty cool, but when a customer recently explained to us just what he accomplished with one of our kits, we realized that they are even more fun and exciting than we had originally imagined.

Robotic Arm Edge Kit
Science kits can open up new avenues of possibilities and technologies for the next generation of engineers, scientists, artists, and creators.

The Robotic Arm Edge Kit is way more than just a toy.  This kit was used recently in a graduate project to create a muscle-controlled prosthetic limb.  This EMG Controlled Prosthetic Limb is some pretty advanced science, but the results are simply amazing.  What the graduate students did was to take the Robotic Arm Edge Kit, and instead of hooking up the wires and electrodes to the control box, they hooked up the wires to the muscles in their arms and upper body.  When they flexed their muscles, the electrical impulse in the muscle sent a signal through to the robotic arm that in turn caused the robotic arm to move.

Experiments such as this are on the forefront of new technological advancements in prosethetic limbs.  It’s encouraging to know that what we carry as “kits” or “toys” are also used in such promising applications.

The Robotic Arm Edge Kit
The Robotic Arm Edge Kit is more than just a toy!