Summer Reading List for Inspiring Your Children

JM Cremp’s summer reading list is meant to inspire your children with stories of heroism, bravery, encouragement, and lessons in faith.  Here are a few of our favorites:

This summer's reading list is full of heroes and adventure.
This summer’s reading list is full of heroes and adventure.

War Stories: True Stories of WWI & WWII
The 20th century was ravaged by two of the most devastating conflicts in history: the First and Second World Wars. The slaughter and destruction was on such a massive scale it still haunts us today. From zeppelin raids, trench warfare, spies and secret plots, to epic encounters between colossal warships, War Stories, contains a collection of dramatic and unforgettable, true tales.  Recommended ages 8+.

Chief Joseph: The Voice for Peace
Chief Joseph was a peace chief, a great leader who truly believed his nation, the Nez Perce, could live in harmony with white people. Tragically, it was not to be. This fascinating biography separates fact from myth, and tells the compelling story of a man who tried to fight injustice with words, not weapons.  Recommended ages 10+.

Faith & Freedom Trilogy
The Faith & Freedom Trilogy is a sequel series to the Crown & Covenant series, and chronicles new generations of the M’Kethe family who find freedom in 18th century America. Adventure is afoot as Old World tyrannies clash with New World freedoms. Douglas Bond weaves together fictional characters with historical figures from Scottish and American history.  This series (and the one preceding it) are loaded with heroes, adventure, and lessons of perseverance through faith.  Recommended ages 10+.

10 Passions of a Man’s Soul
Mark Elfstrand is the morning show host of Moody Radio Network’s flagship station in Chicago. Elfstrand uses interviews with ten dynamic, powerfully gifted leaders to explore the driving passions that motivate authentic men of God. Exploring topics such as power, adventure, purpose, pleasure, and wealth, this transparent disclosure of men’s innermost feelings brings up thought-provoking questions and surprising revelations about contemporary leaders and historical figures. Readers will discover the hidden leader waiting to emerge from within themselves.

Bear Grylls – A Survival Guide for Life
Filled with exclusive, never-before-told tales from Bear’s globe-trekking expeditions, A Survival Guide for Life teaches every reader–no matter your age or experience–that we’re all capable of living life more boldly, of achieving our most daring dreams, and of having fun along the way. Here’s to your own great adventure!

Boy’s Lone Salute On the Beaches of Normandy a Lesson for Us All

In June 2014, an 11 year-old boy visited Normandy, France for the 70th anniversary of the D-Day invasion. During his visit, he spent four days at the American Cemetery teaching visitors about three paratroopers who were buried there. He did so as part of his own personal project he called “Project Vigil”.

When it came time for the official D-Day celebration, the local authorities did not allow the boy to enter the cemetery in his WWII replica uniform. Instead of being discouraged, he took his American flag to Omaha Beach. There he planted it in the sand.

As he reflected on the events of that day and the brave soldiers who met their fate that day, he was so moved that he raised his hand in salute. Although he struggled to hold the flag steady in the whipping wind, his gaze and salute never wavered.

For over an hour he stood fast in tribute. After a time, he began to draw a crowd. The crowd grew and people began to take pictures with the saluting boy and his American flag. Before long a veteran came and firmly returned the boy’s salute. After a time, a trumpeter from the D-Day 70 Memorial Wind Band joined him on the beach and played a moving rendition of taps.

This patriotic boy did a wonderful thing, and his moving and heartfelt act is an inspiring lesson for other children. His parents or whoever is responsible for teaching him both respect and honor have also done a wonderful thing. As a parent myself, I am humbled by what they have done. Going forward, I will use this as a lesson to teach my children how respect, honor, and history go hand in hand.

You can watch this moving and heartfelt video here: