Easy Spring Scavenger Hunt

Looking for a fun activity for spring that’s perfect for picnics, birthday parties, or family gatherings?  How about a spring scavenger hunt?  It’s simple, fun, and engaging for even the youngest members of the family. Download your printable copy of our Spring Scavenger Hunt by clicking here.

Spring Scavenger Hunt

– A red bird

– An animal track

– A flower

– A brown bird

– Green grass

– A piece of bark

– A tree seed

– A flying insect

– Listen for a bird sound

– A squirrel or chipmunk

– A blue bird

– A dandelion

– A broken tree branch

– A dead leaf from last fall

– A new leaf bud or new leaf



Get Outside Spring Scavenger Hunt for Kids

Now that spring has arrived, it’s time get outside, explore the world around you, and have some fun.  What better way to get reacquainted with the great outdoors than with a spring scavenger hunt?  This simple scavenger hunt will keep the kids busy as it opens their eyes to the world around them.

Download your FREE printable Spring Scavenger Hunt here.

Get Outside Spring Scavenger Hunt

Take this list outside and see how many of the spring items on this list you can find.  You’ll have to look high and low!

_______ Green grass

_______ Flower

_______ Acorn or other tree nut

_______ 1 brown bird

_______ A bee

_______ A butterfly

_______ A tree bud or leaf

_______ A pine cone

_______ Animal track(s)

_______ A worm

_______ An ant

_______ A feather

_______ A spider web

_______ A cloud shaped like an animal

_______ A colorful bird

_______ A bird nest

_______ A empty plastic bottle

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