Project for Kids – A Christmas Scavenger Hunt

A Christmas-themed Scavenger hunt is the perfect activity for family gatherings and holiday parties.  For family gatherings, it is fun to pair up the adults with the kids and see which team finishes first.  For kids parties, split the kids into teams and give them a time limit.  Whichever team gathers the most items within the time limit is the winner!

Christmas Scavenger Hunt for Kids
Do you think these two would make good partners for your Christmas Scavenger Hunt?

_______ 1 pine needle (real or artificial)

_______ 1 ornament hook

_______ 1 pinecone

_______ 1 piece of garland or tinsel

_______ 1 mistletoe leaf

_______ 1 holiday table decoration (a candle or figurine will work)

_______ 1 gift tag

_______ 1 red poinsettia flower

_______ 1 piece of holiday chocolate

_______ 1 piece of wrapping paper with a Christmas tree on it

_______ 1 piece of gift ribbon

_______ 1 Christmas cookie

_______ 1 package of dry hot cocoa mix

_______ 1 Christmas card

_______ 1 candy cane

_______ 1 jingle bell

Download your printable copy of Christmas Scavenger Hunt here.

Project for Kids – A Fall Outdoor Scavenger Hunt for Kids

First, put on your gloves and grab your garbage bag.  Walk around your yard and neighborhood and see how many of these items you can find.  When you find one, cross it off the list and put it in the bag.   You should also pick up any garbage you find that isn’t on the list, but if you write it in, you’ll get a point for it.

Project For Kids - Fall outdoor Scavenger Hunt
A Fall Scavenger Hunt is the perfect way to enjoy a beautiful fall afternoon.

Please don’t pick up broken glass.  Have an adult do it for you.

Fall Outdoor Scavenger Hunt for Kids list:

____ Candy wrapper

____ Empty soda can

____ Paper

____ Empty water bottle

____ An old shoe

____ A fast food wrapper or bag

____ A fast food cup, straw, or plastic cup top

____ A plastic bag

____ A piece of paper

____ The cap off a plastic bottle

____ Broken Toy

____ Part of a newspaper

____ Piece of plastic

____ Broken piece of a vehicle

____ A red leaf

____ An orange leaf

____ A yellow leaf

____ A green leaf

____ A brown leaf

Download your Fall Outdoor Scavenger Hunt for Kids now!

JM Cremps ‘Adventure for Boys’ Retail Store Opens in Minnesota!

JM Cremp’s Adventure Store, the Only Online Retailer Focusing Exclusively on Fun Adventure Products for Boys, Opens its 1st Retail Store in Dassel, MN

Online sales growth results in retail store opening

JM Cremps Adventure for Boys Retail Store Opens Labor Day weekend
JM Cremps opens its first retail outlet in Dassel, MN.

Dassel, MN – JM Cremp’s Boys Adventure Store, the only online retailer focusing exclusively on adventurous boyhood, announces the grand opening of its first destination retail store in Dassel, MN. Located in the former train depot at 651 Parker Avenue West, the store will feature the same great products, gear and activities for boys that have made the online site a success. The grand opening of the store will take place over the extended Labor Day weekend 2012, Friday, August 31- Monday, September 3.

JM Cremp’s Boys Adventure Store is home to thousands of carefully selected items designed to foster the spirit of an adventurous boyhood—from toys and games, outdoor gear, books, and so much more. In a world inundated with electronic games and gadgets electronic games and gadgets, JM Cremp’s promotes an old-fashioned American boyhood experience reminiscent of days gone by. In fact, parents love that they won’t find a video game in the store. JM Cremp’s highly trained adventure team is ready to help customers gather the best products for boys all under one roof. “The retail store is just another way for us to help bring adventure to the lives of our customers. A place where families can come to find the unique products and gear that will help ignite their child’s imagination—all in a unique, spacious and creatively designed retail environment” said Jay Asplin, owner.

The Adventure Store for Boys has opened its first retail store.
Finally! A store built for boys! It’s an adventure-lovers dream come true.

About JM Cremp’s Adventure for Boys Store

JM Cremp’s online retail store launched in October of 2010. The company was started by Jay and Maria Asplin, and their five boys in their hometown of Dassel, MN. JM Cremp’s attributes their success to their unique selection of quality products and unmatched customer service. See JM Cremp’s complete selection of unique ‘adventure for boys’ products and gear at, and if you are looking for fun, imaginative, and healthy activities for boys, their new Adventure for Boys Blog is the website you can rely on. It’s packed with activities, stories, and projects that will keep them engaged for hours. When it comes to boys – JM Cremp’s is your complete “Adventure for Boys” resource!

Grand Opening Hours:
Fri 8/31: 9 am-7 pm
Sat 9/1: 9 am-7 pm
Sun 9/2: Noon-5 pm
Mon 9/3: 9 am-7 pm

Regular Hours
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 11am-7pm
Saturday 9am-5pm

JM Cremp’s
651 Parker Ave West
Dassel, MN 55325
Call: 1-877-469-0673 (Customer Service)

Getting To Dassel:
Located 50 minutes west of the twin cities metro area and 45 minutes south of St. Cloud, off of highway 12 (in the Old Train Depot).

Outdoor Kids Games – Backyard Water Games

There are few things more fun and satisfying than blasting someone with a squirt gun.  However, if you blast your Dad as he comes home from work, you might end up in more “hot water” than you bargained for.  Instead of taking that risk, the next time your trigger finger gets itchy, why don’t you organize a little friendly competition?  Whether it’s with your family on a Sunday afternoon, your friends on a hot evening, or the guests at your next party, these outdoor kids games and water games will keep you cool even as the fun heats up.

Aqua Zooka 12 Water Gun for Outdoor Kids Games
When a water fight is looming, you’ll need the superior fire power of a really good water gun.

Outdoor Kids Games #1 – Fountainhead Race:

What you need:  2 plastic or paper cups,  2 empty 20 oz. bottles, 2 buckets or pitchers filled with water.

What to do:  Divide into two teams.  One person from each team, called the bottle holder, will sit on the ground at least 20 feet away from the rest of the team and hold the empty bottle on their head.  The next team member, called a runner, will fill their paper cup with water, run to the bottle holder, and pour the water from the cup into the bottle.  When the runner’s cup is empty, the runner and the bottle holder switch places, and the new runner runs back to the team.  Because this is a relay, the next person in line does the same thing, and on and on until the 20 oz bottle is filled with water.  The first team to fill their 20 oz. bottle wins!

Outdoor Kids Games #2 – Run the Gauntlet:

What you need:  Several Cans of Shaving Cream for the runners, and one squirt gun for every shooter, one bucket, several clothespins, rocks, or other small to medium sized objects.

What to do:  Set up a simple aisle or path (sidewalks work perfect for this) and position the clothespins on one end, and the empty bucket on the other.  A good distance apart is anywhere from 30 to 70 feet.  Position the shooters on the sides of the aisle approximately 2 feet from the aisle (they are not allowed to touch the runner or to get in the runner’s way.) Paint a “target” of shaving cream on the runner’s chest. (Try to use the same amount of shaving cream for each runner). The runner’s job is to run back and forth delivering clothespins, one at a time, into the bucket. The object is to see how many clothespins he can get into the bucket before the shooters shoot all of the shaving cream target off. Once the shaving cream is gone from the runners chest, his turn is over. Count the number of objects that runner was able to place into the bucket. The one who delivers the most clothespins wins!

Outdoor Kids Games #3 – Fizzy Fighters:

What you need: A watergun and an alka-seltzer necklace for every player.

What to do: Have each player make an alka-seltzer necklace by using a needle to thread one to three alka seltzer tablets onto a string. Use the needle to poke a small hole in the middle of the tablet, but make sure your hands and work area are completely dry or your necklace will dissolve before you even get to play the game! To play the game, rope off a designated play area that all players must stay in. From the word “go” each player tries to dissolve the other players alka-seltzer necklace. The person whose necklace lasts the longest is the champion!

Just like a mom can never have too many pairs of shoes, a kid can never have too many water guns either.  Fortunately, JM Cremps carries a near arsenal for all of your water gun wars.  For some precise firing capacity you’ll be able to shoot your way through every battle with the Aqua Zooka 12.  Of course, when you really want to bring out the big guns and rule the neighborhood, you can’t go wrong with the Stream Machine TL-750.  For a real fun twist that will dominate any battle, a water balloon wrist-launcher is beyond fun.

Just for fun, check out this historic water gun fight that set the Guinness World Record for the largest water gun fight ever!