A Fall Survival Reading List For Boys That’s All About Survival

Fall is the perfect time for reading.  The following best-selling survival-themed books are a hit amongst boys of all ages.  If you are a homeschooling family, you can even incorporate some of these into your lesson plan!

The Survival Handbook The Survival Handbook
Would you know what to do if you met a bear in the woods? How exactly do you light a fire in the rain? What should you do if stranded in shark-infested waters? Get the answer to these and many more questions in this no-nonsense guide to survival training and wilderness adventure. Each page has detailed illustrations, specific and step-by-step instructions, and useful tips.

Includes information on survival basics, camp craft, navigation, shelters, food, first aid, rescue and more!  320 pages.

The Total Outdoorsman Manual The Total Outdoorsman Manual
This book covers it all.  The 408 pages cover the essential skills every outdoorsman should have.  You’ll learn how to hunt better, fish smarter, survive anything, and camp anywhere.  Outdoorsmen of EVERY age will love this book.

Bear Grylls:  A Survival Guide for Life The Bear Grylls Survival Guide for Life
Now this isn’t a “survival” book as judged by the typical standards.  However, we include it here because there are many valuable life-lessons that teenage boys can learn and benefit from.

In A Survival Guide for Life, Bear Grylls shares the hard-earned wisdom he’s gained in the harshest environments on earth, from the summit of Mt Everest to the boot camps of the British Special Forces:
• What are the most important skills to learn if you really want to achieve your maximum potential?
• How do you keep going when all the odds are stacked against you?
• How can you motivate a team to follow you in spite of apparent risks?


The Hidden Benefits of Survival Skills Training For Boys and Girls

Bear Grylls Survival Guide for Life
Bear Grylls once said, “I hang out all the time with kids and young scouts and I never meet kids who don’t want adventure.” As a childhood adventurer himself, Bear knows what he is talking about. In his latest book, he discusses the life lessons learned from his epic adventures and the effect that his training has had on his entire life.

When we discuss “survival skills” and “survival training”, we are usually referring to the mechanics involved in wilderness survival situations.  Survival trainees need to know how to build a fire in less-than-perfect conditions, what supplies should always be in their pack,  how to find or build a shelter, and on and on. The amount of books, websites, and videos devoted to survival skills training is growing every day.  Of course these are the nuts and bolts necessary to stay safe in less than optimal conditions, and the benefits derived from possessing these skills can be lifesaving.  However, there is one intangible aspect to teaching your children survival skills that is rarely discussed, and it is equally as important.

There are enormous benefits to be derived from the actual process of learning and practicing survival skills that are life-changing and ultra rewarding.  The survival skills training process reaps great rewards on its practitioners in the form of:

  • increased self-esteem
  • enhanced self-confidence
  • reinforced character
  • a greater appreciation for the outdoors
  • the ability to be self-reliant and to trust in one’s own abilities
  • the ability to calmly and rationally analyze a situation and act accordingly without panic
Survival Skills Training leads to happy healthy men
Yes, they may come home dirty, but the boost to their self-esteem, confidence, and mental stature is worth a bit of dirty laundry.

As a mom whose boys have learned and practiced survival skills for several years, I’ve seen firsthand their intellectual and personality growth during this process.  The boost to their self-esteem and confidence has been no small thing.  In the rare times that their skills have been put to the test, it has warmed this mother’s heart to see my boys step up to the plate.

Very recently (as in during the middle of writing this article) my boys were splitting and stacking wood when a split log crushed my son’s finger breaking it and opening it to the bone.  Without panicking, the boys cleaned it, stabilized it and wrapped it as best they could.  When they arrived home, marched into my office, and calmly shoved the mangled appendage under my nose, I will admit that it was mom who panicked a bit.  However, my injured son calmly assured me that it was cleaned, stabilized, and likely broken, so I bit back my motherly “OH MY POOR BABY” response, grabbed my purse, and drove him to the emergency room for some proper medical attention.

When I started to write this article, I didn’t except to prove my point with a real world example mid-article, but I guess that truth IS stranger than fiction!  Without having to experience this example yourself, keep it mind the next time your kids show an interest in camping out, scouting, learning survival skills or simply starting a fire with a piece of flint.  It may be worth considering the long-term benefits.  Then, grab the fire extinguisher, make sure the first aid kit is up-to-date, and indulge them in their adventurous spirit a little bit.  There may be more to be gained in such an endeavor than is readily apparent.  In hindsight, I can say that my calm “we’ve-got-the-situation-in-control-mom-so-don’t-panic” sons did a good job in a less than optimal situation.

Now if I can just find a way keep the broken-finger kid occupied and still long enough to let that finger heal….

You can read more about Bear Grylls new book, Bear Grylls:  A Survival Guide for Life on our website.   This latest book focuses on the life lessons Bear has learned as an extreme adventurer and survivalist.  At jmcremps.com  you can also find all types of survival gear, survival books, and resources for parents.


Good Books for Boys AND Families!

“The more that you read, the more things you will know.  The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”  – Dr. Suess

To My Sons, Lessons for the Wild Adventure Called Life
To My Sons, Lessons for the Wild Adventure Called Life is a great father-son read.

Dr. Seuss says it the best, the more kids read the better off they will be.  But raising a child who loves to read is quite a challenge in this modern day electronic world.  With options like playing the most recent gaming system and watching TV, books are getting left on the shelf to collect dust.

Here at JM Cremp’s, we know how important reading is for kids of all ages, and we have a great way to encourage reading at home – Family Reading Time.  It’s simple to implement and the rewards are worth the effort. For 30 minutes every day turn off all electronics, gather everyone in the family room and just read.  This quiet reading time is a great way to chill out after a long day at school or to wind-down in the evening before bedtime. Either way, we guarantee before long the kids will be looking forward to family reading time and the closeness it brings to your family.

JM Cremp’s has a huge selection of good books for boys, and families alike.

Mud, Sweat, and Tears by Bear Grylls
From his childhood home on a remote British island to the summit of Mount Everest, Bear tells of his adventure-filled life and the valuable life lessons he has learned. His personal faith and love of family shines through as he overcomes many obstacles. Recommended Ages: 18+

To My Sons by Bear Grylls
This illustrated book is a collection of spiritual and practical wisdom that renowned adventurer Bear Grylls wanted to share with his sons.  It describes the risks, tumbles, and victories of a well-lived life and is ideal bedtime reading for fathers and sons. Recommended Ages: 4+

True Stories of Heroes by Paul Dowswell
A great collection of stories about heroic men and women whose extraordinary courage saved the lives of others.  Your whole family will be inspired by the examples of heroism and bravery by everyday folks in extraordinary situations.  Recommended Ages:  Teenagers+