10 Ways You Can Tell You’re A Mother of Boys

You know you’re the mother of boys when:

Adventure for Boys1. You buy enough groceries in a week to feed an army platoon, but yet your fridge is never full.

2. No one in your house ever notices that you got your haircut.

3. Socks are disposable and pairs are a myth.

4. You actually know what a front end loader is.

5. You gave up on the concept of “Don’t throw that in the house”, and have modified it to “Don’t throw that so hard in the house!”

6. You panic when it’s silent.

7. You have a special night time walk that is designed to minimize the pain of stepping on a loose lego piece.

8. You’ve lovingly received (and probably saved) a bouquet of half drooping weeds.

9. You’ve come to realize holes in pants don’t only appear in the knees – they’ll appear in the hips, the seat, the calves, the ankles, and surely the belt loops.

10. You for sure know you’re the mother of boys when you get a dirty, sloppy and sometimes smelly hug, but you wouldn’t trade it for the world.

At JM Cremp’s, we know a thing or two about raising boys.  We love our boys, and are always looking for ways to encourage them as they grown and become men.  Our JM Cremp’s Adventure Catalog is filled with hands-on activities to encourage active learning, toys and games that enhance the imagination, and parenting resources that make raising boys a the pleasure that God intended it to be.  Get yours today.


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