How to Make the Perfect Stunt Plane Paper Airplane

It’s easy to make the perfect paper airplane that flies loop de loops.  All you need is a piece of paper and you’re all set!

How to Make a Perfect Paper Airplane
Step 1. Start with a plain piece of paper. You can use any size you’d like. In this example, we took a regular notebook-sized piece and cut the bottom 1/3 off.
How to Make a Perfect Paper Airplane
Step 2. Open the folded paper. Fold the top two corners towards the middle until they meet with the crease.
How to Make the Perfect Paper Airplane
Step 3. Fold the point straight down to the bottom edge of the paper.
How to Make a Perfect Paper Airplane
Step 4. Flip the paper over and repeat step 2.
How to Make a Perfect Paper Airplane
Step 5. Turn the paper over again. You will see a perfect triangle formed at the top. Fold the bottom half of the diamond up to form a triangle at the top.
How to Make a Paper Airplane
Step 6. Fold the airplane in half keeping your newly formed triangle on the outside of the fold.
How to Make A Perfect Paper Airplane
Step 7. Fold each wing down to form the plane.

If you need help or get stuck making this plane, you can view the animated instructions here.  For even more paper airplane ideas and instructions, check out the Dangerous Book For Boys.  It’s loaded with fun projects and ideas to keep your boys busy.

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