Made in the USA and Proud of it!

Labor Day is upon us. It’s the last hurrah of summer for most families with barb-b-que’s, trips the lake, picnics, and plenty of food. It’s also a wonderful three-day weekend that affords many working folks a rare Monday off. If you have school-age children, that means that they have a rare Monday off of school too, and most families fit as much fun as possible into those coveted three days.

Bounty Hunter Metal Detectors are Made in the USA and make a perfect Labor Day weekend family activity.
Bounty Hunter Metal Detectors are Made in the USA and make a perfect Labor Day weekend family activity.

Although Labor Day is viewed as a fun three-day weekend, it’s also a holiday meant to celebrate the American worker. The first Labor Day was 120 years ago, and many things have changed in the American workforce since that time. Fewer and fewer of the tools we use, the clothes we wear, and the toys we play with are made in the United States any more. For decades now we’ve seen cheaper imported goods take over our store shelves. The good news is that the trend is slowly turning around. In the last 10 years more and more products are once again starting to be made right here at home by your friends and neighbors.

At JM Cremps, we are excited by the prospect of filling our catalog and website with products made right here at home. Each year we are able to bring more and more of these products to our customers, and the quality and variety of these products constantly improves. This trend towards American Made products is something we all can take pride in. Labor Day weekend is a great time to bring some discussion and awareness to this topic as you enjoy your family activities. You can even turn the discussion into a game by creating a Made-in-the-USA scavenger hunt that will keep the kids happy. Who knows, you might find something in your home that was made right there in your own community.

You can find our constantly growing supply of Made-in-the-USA toys, gear, and games on our website in our new Made In The USA category. Some of our best selling gear is made right here at home!


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