Have Fun After Dark with Our Favorite Night Time Activities

Summer is in full swing.  The days are warm, the evenings are pleasant, and the kiddos probably want to stay out “all night”.  Well an outside, all-nighter may be a bit much, but that doesn’t mean that some after-dark fun can’t be had.  As a matter of fact, night-time games can be fun for the whole family.  Here’s some of our favorites:

Glow in the Dark Book Planets & Supernova
Have some fun in the dark this summer with games, activities, and even glow-in-the-dark books.
  • Flashlight Tag – Catch your opponents with a beam of light from a flashlight.
  • Hide-n-Seek Glowsticks – Parents, hide glowsticks throughout the yard and let the kids find them.
  • Shadow Puppet Theater – Encourage your kids to be creative by putting on a shadow puppet show.  Use a wall or other flat surface to shine a beam of light onto.
  • Star Gazing and Constellation Hunting – Use a star chart or star finder, your own knowledge, or even an app on your phone to find and name various constellations.
  • Have a Backyard Fire – Roast marshmallows or hot dogs, sing songs, and tell stories.  You don’t have to go camping to have an evening campfire!
  • Tell Ghost Stories – Better yet, let the kids tell them to you.
  • Catch Lightening Bugs – See how many beautiful lightening bugs the whole family can catch.
  • Read a Glow in the Dark Book – Yes, there are such things as glow-in-the-dark books, and they sure are fun to read on a warm summer night.



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