Winter Scavenger Hunt for Kids

Winter Scavenger Hunt for Kids
Grab your list and get outside! See if you can find a rabbit such as this snowshoe hare. (Photo courtesy of

Winter is a great time to get outside and explore.  Although the world around you may look dormant and asleep, there is still a lot going on.  Download, print, and take your list outside to see how what you can find.  You’ll be surprised at what’s out there!

_______ 1 squirrel

_______ 1 tree with brown leaves

_______ 1 bird’s nest

_______ 1 pinecone

_______ 1 seed pod

_______ 1 pine needle branch

_______ 1 group of berries

_______ 1 acorn

_______ 1 icicle

_______ Any rabbit or squirrel tracks

_______ A deer

_______ A chickadee

_______ 1 shovel

_______ A snowball

Winter Scavenger Hunt for Kids


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