Battle It Out! Remote Control Toy Tanks That Win

Remote control toy vehicles have been a favorite among kids for a long time.  From toddlers to teenagers, kids love the idea of being able control the motion of an object. But with so many RC toys available today, choosing the right one for your child can be overwhelming.

From gas powered to electric and hundreds of makes and models, perhaps the most important factor to consider is your child age.  RC toys can range from extremely complicated to relatively simple so taking your child’s abilities into consideration is important.  JM Cremps offers a great variety of quality RC toys for all ages, but our all time favorites are the Forces of Valor Remote Control Toy Tanks!

U.S. M1A1 Abrams Radio Controlled Tank (1:24 Scale)
U.S. M1A1 Abrams Radio Controlled Tank (1:24 Scale)

These highly detailed, realistic tanks take RC toys to a whole new level. Precise digital proportioning and independent tank track movement make them fun and easy to control.  Each tank features a combination of rotating turrets and elevating main guns, but the BEST part is their Battle Beam technology.

M26 Pershing Remote Control Tank
M26 Pershing Remote Control Tank

This super fun feature allows up to 6 Battle Beam tanks to challenge and conquer each other at once.  With the 27 MHz FM Band multi-player system you can fire upon other tanks and watch them shudder as they react to the damage. Realistic shot recoil, sound effects and working lights make combat with the enemy as exciting as possible.  So brush up on your tactics and study your battle techniques because it’s time for some serious armored combat.


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