How to Make a Sling Shot

The slingshot is a simple, hand-held tool that dates back thousands of years. Early slingshots were used as hunting weapons and in the hands of a skilled user could bring down small game. Today, slingshots are the iconic image of the fun adventures of boyhood. As the ultimate adventure store for boys, JM Cremps offers a great variety of ready made slingshots.

From plastic launchers to the old style of wood and leather, there is a huge variety of slingshot available today. But, because slingshots require few materials and are simple in design, they are the perfect do-it-yourself project for those outdoor boys. They will love the challenge it offers, and best of all it will provide hours of entertainment once completed.

The follow instructions will show you how to make your very own slingshot. Adult supervision is recommended.

1. Find a sturdy, Y-shaped piece of wood. You can make a slingshot with a forked branch of just about any size, but a piece about 6 to 9 inches long with a fairly uniform thickness of 1 to 2 inches will make a strong, easy-to-use slingshot. Try to find a piece with as few imperfections as possible; even moderate cracks can render your slingshot dangerous or unusable. If there are knots or bumps you can cut or sand them off.
Peel Bark
2. Peel off the bark. With the bark gone the slingshot will be more comfortable to hold. You may need to let the branch dry a little before you can get the bark off.
Slingshot wood
3. Let the wood dry. This step isn’t necessary, but if the wood is still green, it’s a good idea to let it slowly dry. This will give it more stability and strength.
Slingshot Rubber Band
4. Get a long, thick rubber band to form the firing mechanism. You can make a stronger firing mechanism by using surgical tubing or several rubber bands wound around each other. You can experiment with the length to find out what works best, but it is important that it be strong and thick.
Cut the Rubber band
5. Cut the rubber band in half. You now have a band for each side of the slingshot. If you’re using surgical tubing or multiple rubber bands, you can skip this step; just make sure that each band (for either side of the firing mechanism) is of equal length.
Leather or Cloth
6. Get a rectangular piece of leather or strong cloth. (Several rectangles of duct tape stuck together work, too.) This will be your holder or “pocket.” It should be slightly rectangular, with each side measuring between 2 to 4 inches.
Cut Slit in Leather
7. Cut a slit on either side of the pocket. Use a knife to make an incision about 1/4 to 1/2 inch in from each edge. The slits should run parallel to the shorter edges of the pocket and be the same distance from their respective edges. The slits should also be just large enough for the rubber band to fit through without being wrinkled.
Tie in ends
8. Slip one end of one of your rubber bands through the slit and fold it back over itself so that it makes a little loop around the edge of the pocket. Secure the loop by putting a small, but sturdy rubber band around. The smaller rubber band will probably have to be doubled or tripled around itself to make it tight enough. Repeat this other rubber band on the other side of the pocket. Make sure the bands on both sides are still of equal length.
Secure Ends
9. Secure the free ends of the long rubber bands to the handle by tying them or using electrical tape. Attach one free end to either branch of the “Y,” near the tip. Once again make sure the bands are of equal length.
Shoot Your Slingshot
10. Shoot your slingshot. Use small rocks, rubber balls, and wadded-up pieces of paper–just about any small projectile–as ammunition. Exercise caution when firing your slingshot and wear eye protection.

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