Hunting with Kids – Tips and Tricks for Success

Hunting with kids can be a very rewarding experience for everyone involved.  Instilling a love of hunting in your sons (and daughters) while they are young can lead them to a lifetime appreciation of the great outdoors.  To make it as enjoyable as possible for everyone involved, follow these simple tips:

Hunting with Kids
Hunting with kids can be fun and rewarding for everyone involved.
  1. Keep it Short –  The younger they are, the shorter their attention span is.  Therefore, the hunt should be short enough that they will stay focused and engaged without becoming bored.  Remember, you want them to come home with fond memories and exciting stories of their day in the woods.
  2. Plan for Success –  This one is simple, but it is easy to overlook.  It’s best to start kids off with small game hunting where success is much more likely.  Deer hunting or elk hunting can be boring for a child because there is little to no action on most days.  Show them success and they’ll be hooked!
  3. Keep it Interesting –  If there is a lull in the action, use the opportunity to teach them about their surroundings, demonstrate proper gun safety, or explain hunter’s safety tips.  There are a lot of things that you’ve learned over the years, so use the opportunity of “no action” to teach them a few nuggets of wisdom.
  4. Watch the Weather –  Try to plan your hunt during decent weather.  As adults, we can suffer through storms, cold, and bad weather when the goal is some trophy game, but most kids will not enjoy such conditions.  Often, our kids don’t have the same high-tech equipment and gear as we do, and they will succumb to the elements much more quickly.  It’s easiest on them (and you) if you plan your next hunt around decent weather.
The Original Genesis Bow is the Best Beginner Compound Bow
The Original Genesis Bow is the ultimate beginner compound bow. That’s why it is the official bow of the National Archery in the Schools Program.

JM Cremps carries a full selection of kids hunting gear that will make your young hunter feel like he’s really a part of the hunt. Our Deluxe Upland Game Vest is just like the adult version, and is loaded with pockets for all of their gear.  When it comes to archery season, our best-selling Genesis Bow Kit has been voted the best starter bow for young archers.  Its quality construction and youth-friendly design help to make it the official bow of the National Archery in the Schools Program.

(You can read our complete product review of the Original Genesis Bow here.)


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  1. I would love a catalog I have lots of great grandsons I could find lots of things for them how do I get one sent to me?

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