Sleeping Under the Stars

Sleeping Under the Stars
You don’t need to go far to experience the thrill of camping!

Summer is just about upon us, and that means camping season!  Swimming. watermelon, campfires,  smores, and sleeping under the stars go hand in hand with summertime camping adventures.  As a family, it is the perfect way to make lasting memories for everyone, but sometimes it’s hard to wait until you can find a weekend away.  In the meantime, how about  some backyard camping?  It’s fun, rewarding, and a lot less packing!

For a backyard camping adventure, it’s easiest to just sleep under the stars in a sleeping bag.  A good sleeping bag will keep you comfortable and warm, and the Wenzel Santa Fe Mummy Bag is a good choice for moms, dads, and kids alike.  Do you have a trampoline in your yard?  If you do, why not sleep on it one warm, starry night?  Sleeping on the trampoline adds extra fun and excitement to the night.  If sleeping on the trampoline isn’t for you, then how about sleeping under the stars in a hammock?  The Ultra Light Traveling Hammock is perfect for the backyard and the backwoods and because it is under $20, it is very affordable.

Marshmallow Hotdog Roaster
The Fishing Pole Hotdog/Marshmallow Roaster will make anyone smile!

Nothing speaks to camping more than an evening around the campfire.  It’s the place to sing songs, tell stories, visit with one another, and of course – roast some special campfire food!   Our Fishing Pole Hot Dog Roaster puts a fun, fishing-themed twist on campfire cooking.  Slide the marshmallows or hot dogs onto the prongs, then hold them over the fire. When you are ready to flip them, use those fishing skills and “jig” the pole.  In the blink of an eye, the marshmallows or hot dogs flip over.  For an extra-fun twist, check out the Camo Marshmallow Blaster.  Load it up with marshmallows and you are ready for the ultimate marshmallow gun fight.  This gun can shoot a large marshmallow up to 40 feet!  You’ll never look at an innocent marshmallow the same way again.  (For some more fun campfire food recipes, check out our Kids Camping Recipes.)

Whatever style of camping you plan on doing, just make sure you include a little fun, and little family, and a lot of laughter.   If you do, you’ll be sure to have a great time!


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