Project for Kids – A Christmas Scavenger Hunt

A Christmas-themed Scavenger hunt is the perfect activity for family gatherings and holiday parties.  For family gatherings, it is fun to pair up the adults with the kids and see which team finishes first.  For kids parties, split the kids into teams and give them a time limit.  Whichever team gathers the most items within the time limit is the winner!

Christmas Scavenger Hunt for Kids
Do you think these two would make good partners for your Christmas Scavenger Hunt?

_______ 1 pine needle (real or artificial)

_______ 1 ornament hook

_______ 1 pinecone

_______ 1 piece of garland or tinsel

_______ 1 mistletoe leaf

_______ 1 holiday table decoration (a candle or figurine will work)

_______ 1 gift tag

_______ 1 red poinsettia flower

_______ 1 piece of holiday chocolate

_______ 1 piece of wrapping paper with a Christmas tree on it

_______ 1 piece of gift ribbon

_______ 1 Christmas cookie

_______ 1 package of dry hot cocoa mix

_______ 1 Christmas card

_______ 1 candy cane

_______ 1 jingle bell

Download your printable copy of Christmas Scavenger Hunt here.


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