Break Your Boys Free from Their “Electronic Grip”

Moms and Dads – here’s an interesting statistic:  The average teenage boy spends more than thirteen hours a week playing video games.  That’s almost two hours every day!  (Statistic taken from the book, Boy’s Adrift by Leonard Sax.) If your boys are stuck in this rut, then rest easy.  JM Cremps is here to help you break the habit and bring your family closer together.  Exactly how can you tear them away from their screens?  With some classic fun, games, and family time.

Here are some electronic-free ideas for bringing the family together.

Settlers of Catan Board Game for Family Game Night
Bring back family Game Night with an adventure board game.

1 – Bring back family game night!  Board games may have been replaced by electronics in many households, but there is nothing like the fun and laughter that’s generated around the table during Family Game Night.  JM Cremps has a huge selection of games that keep your family entertained for hours.  Whether it is a classic like Ticket to Ride, or an adventure game like The Settlers of Catan; your family will be sure to thank you.

2.  Give them something to do with their hands.  Boys tend to be hands-on learners.  Give them some supplies, a few tools, and a bit of instruction, and they’ll be sure to create something grand.  A basic whittling kit and a few blocks of wood can turn into enjoyable hours of creative fun.  If your adventurer is more into science than whittling, then there are many good science kits out there.  The Big Bag of Science is a best-seller, and it is loaded with hands-on science fun.

3.  Take their imagination on an adventure.  There’s nothing like a good book to stimulate their imagination and keep them occupied.  The Sterling Classics Series and the Sterling Biographies Adventure Series will take your boys along on some of the greatest adventures that history has ever known.

Project for Kids and Dads - Build a Go Kart Together!
Give your boys a hands-on project that will them to create something that they (and you) can be proud of.

4.  If all else fails, then its time to get started on the Big Project.  An epic father/son project will not only keep them occupied for a long time, it will also create memories that will last a lifetime.  For example, building a Go-Kart is something that fathers and sons have been doing together for generations.  With a project like this, your boys will really feel the accomplishment of building something that they can use.   JM Cremps has a complete Go Kart Project Kit that will take all the guesswork out of building a racing machine that will be the fastest in the neighborhood.

Breaking your boys free from the dreaded “electronic” grip may not be as difficult as you think.  With a little planning and some family input, you’ll have them back at the top of their game in no time.


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