Mission #4 – Operation Capture the Flag

Army Kids Operation Capture the Flag
Operation Capture the Flag is a special mission designed for the toughest Army Kids. Are you ready to get started?

Hey Army Kids.  It’s time for another mission!  This fun game is a cross between capture the flag and freeze tag.  It’s really simple AND really fun.

Mission Objective: Capture the other team’s flag before they capture yours!

Mission Intel:  Divide into two teams.  Each team needs to hide their flag on opposite ends of the area that you are going to play in.  You’ll have to assign some of your soldiers to guard your flag, while other soldiers set out to capture the other team’s flag.  The first team to capture the other team’s flag wins.  Easy enough right?

Well, your secret weapon is your ability to freeze the other team’s soldiers by tagging them.  They’ll remain frozen until they are re-tagged by one of their teammates.  Of course, the other team is going to do the same thing to you so be careful!

JM Cremps has a full assortment of authentic US Army gear for kids that will really make this game a lot of fun.  Start with some Camo Face Paint to disguise yourself.  Then, make sure to grab your helmet.  We’ve got several styles, but our authentic Steel Pot Army helmet is one of our most popular.  Complete your military outfit with our US Army Tactical Vest.  It is loaded with pockets so you’ll have plenty of places to store your gear during the battle.

Army Kids Tactical Vest
The Army Kids Tactical Vest is the perfect addition to every army game.

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