Project for Kids – A Fall Outdoor Scavenger Hunt for Kids

First, put on your gloves and grab your garbage bag.  Walk around your yard and neighborhood and see how many of these items you can find.  When you find one, cross it off the list and put it in the bag.   You should also pick up any garbage you find that isn’t on the list, but if you write it in, you’ll get a point for it.

Project For Kids - Fall outdoor Scavenger Hunt
A Fall Scavenger Hunt is the perfect way to enjoy a beautiful fall afternoon.

Please don’t pick up broken glass.  Have an adult do it for you.

Fall Outdoor Scavenger Hunt for Kids list:

____ Candy wrapper

____ Empty soda can

____ Paper

____ Empty water bottle

____ An old shoe

____ A fast food wrapper or bag

____ A fast food cup, straw, or plastic cup top

____ A plastic bag

____ A piece of paper

____ The cap off a plastic bottle

____ Broken Toy

____ Part of a newspaper

____ Piece of plastic

____ Broken piece of a vehicle

____ A red leaf

____ An orange leaf

____ A yellow leaf

____ A green leaf

____ A brown leaf

Download your Fall Outdoor Scavenger Hunt for Kids now!


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