Book Reviews for Kids – Sterling Biographies Great Lives Series Books

Sterling Biographies Great Lives Series - Good Books for Boys
The Sterling Biographies are a JM Cremps “Good Books for Boys” Award winner!

Sterling Biographies Great Lives Series books are loved by parents for their educational value, but did you also know that kids all over the world love these books for their captivating stories?  That’s why there are millions of these books in print in many languages.  It’s also why we are happy to give the Sterling Biographies Great Lives Series our Good Books for Boys Award.

With characters like Abraham Lincoln, Pocahontas, George Washington, Cleopatra, and The Wright Brothers; you will be sure to be swept up within these great pages.  You can step onto the moon with Neil Armstrong; conquer Europe with Alexander the Great; explore the great shipwrecks of the oceans with Jacques Cousteau; tramp across the Rocky Mountains and see the Pacific Ocean through the eyes of Lewis & Clark, and even lead the Great Sioux Nation alongside Sitting Bull.  The possibilities for adventure are nearly endless.  And the best part?  These stories are all TRUE!

Note to parents:

If you are a homeschooling family like many of us here at JM Cremps, we encourage you to add these books to your curriculum for homeschooling.  Although the details within the pages may be different from book to book, there is a common thread of hard work, perseverance, integrity, and honor that as parents, we want to expose our children to.  In a world full of mediocrity and selfishness, these stories bring to life the struggles and values that turn boys into men and girls into strong women.  Even if you add one or two of these books to your child’s reading list, they are a perfect addition to anyone’s curriculum for homeschooling.


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