Project for Kids – Outdoor Scavenger Hunt for Kids #2

I to T Outdoor Scavenger Hunt for Kids – Round 1

Okay junior adventurers, its time for your first Camp Cremp outdoor activity.  Here’s round 2 of our Camp Cremp outdoor activity.  This kids scavenger hunt is a great way to explore the outdoors and enjoy nature.   Print this form or grab your nature notebook and head outside to find an item beginning with each of the following letters. Your backyard has many surprises just waiting for you to find them!

Project For Kids Scavenger Hunt
“R” is for Rocks. Keep it simple and have fun searching for treasures!

To play, find an item beginning with each of these letters:  You can download this Project for Kids Camp Cremp I to P Outdoor Scavenger Hunt for Kids and take it outide with you.

I – _____________________ 

J-  _____________________ 

K – _____________________ 

L-  _____________________ 

M – _____________________

N-  _____________________

O – _____________________

P-  _____________________

R – _____________________

S-  _____________________

T-  _____________________

Don’t forget to check back next week for Round 2 of the A to Z Scavenger hunt for kids for your next awesome outdoor adventure.


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