Mission #1 – Operation Sniper Den

Mission Objective: Build a Secret Sniper Den that doubles as a Command Bunker.

Army for Kids Fun for all ages - Operation Sniper Den.  How to make a sniper den for kids
Be a true Soldier in your own sniper den!

Mission Intel:  First, choose your location carefully.  Try to use as much natural cover as possible so you will stay hidden.  Remember, you want to use the element of surprise to your advantage, so hedges and bushes are perfect hiding spots.   (Carefully check your den area for hives, nests, and thorns.  A wise soldier avoids getting stung at all costs!)   A good multi-purpose tool set will help you make quick work of clearing your area.  Next, determine how you will use your den.  Will you be lying down in full sniper position?  Will you need to crouch?  Or do you plan to sit up sometimes.  Be sure to build your den to the right size.  Cover your den with branches or a camouflage tarp.

Your den needs to be sturdy so it won’t collapse on you.  Make sure you use sturdy supports like tree trunks or thick branches.   If you use a tarp, buckets filled with sand or boulders will weigh down the edges of your tarp and stop it from blowing away.  For wet ground, you can cover the bottom of your den with a simple protective ground sheet.

Now you are ready to add the final touches to your den and move in.   Besides your camo clothing, don’t forget your face.  A good military kids camo face paint kit will make sure you stay hidden.  The Deluxe Military Belt will carry your water, flashlight, and extra ammo.  Don’t forget your weapon!  The M-16 Rubberband gun is the perfect backyard mission companion, and for the older kids- this Mauser Airsoft Sniper Rifle will complete all airsoft missions with pinpoint accuracy.


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